saved by grace, flower fanatic, thrifted ceramics collector, croissant enthusiast &
forever a francophile


Natasshia Neary is the creator behind Oh The Sweet Things, a creative studio based in Squamish, BC.

I specialize in illustration, lettering, and design for weddings, special events and small businesses. My heart is to be able to bring light into your life by utilizing my blessed gifts from above. 

Inspired by finding beauty in the wrinkles and creases of life, I aspire to embrace the imperfections in every stroke of ink on paper.  

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Paris is my dream city. I cried happy tears when I first caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

I could eat off of bread and cheese. Give me a baguette and a selection of cheese, and I'm one happy lady (and this is why I loved Paris so much).



some things you might find on my desk

Oh The Sweet Things is the handiwork of artist Natasshia Neary. She is an illustrator, calligrapher, and designer based out of Squamish, BC. Natasshia started out by teaching herself calligraphy with a desire to design the invitations for their wedding. Four years later, she has developed her own unique style and continues to be curious about what type of botanical she'll draw up next. When she’s not at her desk illustrating, you can find her baking sweet treats, digging for treasures at thrift stores and dreaming about her next travel adventures.




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